Don't roll back on trans rights

  • Telling the PM directly about what's going on is the best way to ensure he's in the loop and is accountable for his Cabinet
  • The more he hears from the community, and the more he hears about trans experiences in general, the likelier is it we will ensure we keep our hard-won rights.
  • We've added a template email below, but please personalise it before sending it off. Click on 'email tips' for a bit of help with what to add.

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  • Share your personal experiences where you feel comfortable to do so, including the situation for trans women or young trans people on the ground in your local constituency
  • Say why rolling back of the right to bodily autonomy would be so harmful to you personally as a constituent and more widely for the the trans community
  • If you want to go further and meet your MP (and we would definitely recommend this if you feel up for it!), state that clearly. We have guidance around this on the Gendered Intelligence website here
  • Keep in mind MPs are, widely but not universally, not going to know a great deal about trans and non-binary experiences, so do keep it as simple as possible while telling a truthful and meaningful story